The One Minute Bio

  • Media Business Analyst and Consultant, with cross-media expertise.
  • Freelance journalist from India with international work experience in print, online and television reporting.
  • Graduated with honors in M.B.A (Media Management) from Metropolitan College of New York , January 2011
  • Social media/Web 2.0 enthusiast who blogs at http://vanidoraisamy.com/blog
  • Is writing her first novel about being a pixellated migrant in New York City.
  • Lives in Jersey City, Greater New York.

Detailed Bio

Vani is a New York-based media management and business communications specialist who is passionate about helping news organizations and small businesses make the most of the Web 2.0 revolution. She combines eight years of 0ff-the-boot professional reporting experience as a journalist with a keen understanding of what makes the business of news work.  A trained media management professional, she is working towards a business model that will provide cross-platform consultancy to news organizations on fluidly integrating social media  in the generation and consumption of news.

A media manager with international experience, she  brings to the table her keen understanding of how the news media works in a global environment and how to engage communities in the production and distribution of news. As part of her MBA program in media management at the Metropolitan College of New York, she started MediaLoft Consulting, an online media consultancy service that trains and advises small businesses and non-profits in using Web 2.0 tools for a wide range of business communication needs.


In her previous avatar as a journalist, Vani worked on the reporting and editing teams of various leading English language daily newspapers in India. Starting her career in 1999 as a sub-editor with the Chennai-based evening daily, News Today, she then moved on to become senior correspondent at The New Indian Express and Special Correspondent at The Hindu, before moving to New York in 2007 to pursue a MBA in Media Management. In her eight years of reporting work, Vani has covered various beats such as environment and ecology, local governance, sustainable development, gender issues,  higher education and human resources. Several of her published pieces have been extensively cited as sources in various research publications (See Sample Work).

The highlight of her career came when, during her days at the The New Indian Express, she covered the2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, when she extensively toured the southern coast of India to report on relief and rehabilitation efforts. Through two consecutive series of reports starting the morning of December 27, 2004 (just hours after the tsunami killed several thousands on the Indian coast) and ending in February 2008, she observed and reported firsthand the raw agony and trauma of the survivors and the eventual triumph of the human spirit.  Rather than focus on cold government statistics, she focussed on the human condition and unforgettable stories, all of which earned her widespread appreciation and support both from her peers and readers (see  Sample Work: The Tsunami Files). She considers it the singular defining moment of her career when, the day after after she ran a report on thecondition of orphaned children at Nagapattinam, the State government announced that it would open its own orphanages for the kids.

As Education Correspondent for The Hindu, Vani anchored Education Plus, the newspaper’s premier supplement on higher education and careers, reporting extensively on the college/graduate school education system in India, both on matters of policy and on issues directly concerning the students. Her work with the student talent pool in Chennai and how it supplied talent to various overseas recruitments has given her a keen understanding of how the recruitment industry in India works, especially with regard  to fresh engineering/software graduates.

After moving to New York, Vani has been freelancing for various New York-based publications (see Sample Work: New York Despatches), while pursuing her MBA. She continues to actively blog on media matters with a specific focus on journalism and social media.


Vani graduated with honors in MBA (Media Management) from the Metropolitan College of New York in January 2011 with  a cumulative G.P.A of 3.99.  As part of the Constructive Action module of her course, in 2010 she started ediaLoft Consulting, an online media consultancy firm that provides  cross-platform services to small-businesses and non-profits for all their business communication needs and to news organizations in integrating Web 2.0 tools as part of their news gathering and distribution. Now in its second year of operation, MediaLoft Consulting has expanded its services to include employee training and community engagement and also offers business communication training to individuals. After her graduation, Vani is pursuing specialized training as a media business analyst for corporates, small businesses and non-profits.

She also holds two other Masters degrees: a Master of Arts in English Literature and a Master of Philosophy in English Literature–both from Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, India and an undergraduate degree in Chemistry, also from the same university. During her tenure as a research associate at Bharathidasan University in 1995, she was chosen for the Shastri-Indo Canadian Graduate Research Fellowship program offered by the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, New Delhi and  worked as a graduate teaching assistant for eight months at York University, Toronto, Canada. Upon completion of her research associateship at Bharathidasan University, she also worked  as Lecturer in English Literature at Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli, India before pursuing her childhood dream of becoming a journalist.


Vani lives in Jersey City, Greater New York,  with her husband Ravi Jagannathan. A  practitioner of Vipassana meditation and a firm believer in the power of yoga, she has a passion for fusion cookery and hopes to one day be able to blog about her recipes. She is also training to run her first full marathon in 2012,.

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